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I am an award winning Camera Operator, Photographer, Writer, Drone Operator, and Editor based out of Orlando, FL. I have more than 10 years of Freelance photography experience and 3+ years of videography/editing experience. Whether it be weddings, music videos, senior photos, live events, short films or social media promotions, I've shot them all and then some. I am an outgoing and creative individual constantly striving to network and perfect my craft.  I went to school at F.I.R.S.T. Institute in Orlando, Florida and graduated with my Digital Filmmaking and Video Production diploma in December of 2020 with Honor Roll.

In my younger years, I participated in Show Choir, Marching Band, Indoor Drumline, Acapella Group, Barbershop Quartets, Musicals, a jazz trio, and was a photographer for our yearbook club. These clubs and extracurriculars helped me learn intensive teamwork, leadership, music skills, and networking essentials. I've always had a passion for filmmaking and photography, as I have a very creative eye for creating still images and motion pictures. I want to make your visions come to life. Contact me today so we can get started on your vision!

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